Response to class quote

8 02 2012

Everything we “see” comes from our perceptions.  Our five senses and perhaps many more, offer us a picture of our world based upon how we interpret them.  Visual observations record pictures in our mind’s eye for later use.  So when someone speaks of a dog we relate to familiar  pictorial memories of some kind of dog introduced in our lives.  If that experience is a pleasurable one we might conjure up a fun loving canine fetching a stick etc.  On the other hand, if the experience is a negative one our interpretation picture coming to mind might be of a threatening nature – perhaps a dog bearing its teeth ready to bite us.

In essence whenever we take a picture with a camera, our visual result tries to convey in two dimensional form a reflection of our own perceptions of the subject matter using the spectrum of light and darkness – hoping other people “get” what we captured.  Since we are the producers of our visual messages,  they cannot help but reflect ourselves!   This course will hopefully help us to be much better at mirroring our messages on paper/media.


Hello world!

26 01 2012

Yea!! I’m here!!!!!